Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Video Documentation And Efficient Appeals After Claim Denial

Deann Miles

If you've been denied social security disability compensation, despite being unable to stay gainfully employed due to health reasons, don't assume that all is lost. The social security system can be complex and confusing to many people, but with proper planning and the assistance of a social security lawyer, you can push for greater attention and hopefully compensation that fits your needs.

Consider a few information gathering and documentation techniques that can promote your social security claim's success:

Video Documentation Can Show A Greater Need For Urgency

There are some things that printed paper simply can't convey well. Although disability claim professionals are trained and skilled in handling every claim professionally, the dire situation of your health issues may not be present in your claim. A great social security lawyer can present an argument that may grab the proper attention, but consider how video documentation could do the job better.

Consider a physical injury with complex implications that may not be visible during an in-person interview. Your injuries may not be easy to see and the problem may not seem severe, even if there is something terribly wrong internally.

If you coordinate with your medical care team, you can create a video and paper documentation package that outlines every issue with visual aides that are easier to follow. Instead of relying on attention span and understanding a string of medical terms, the claims system can see the problem clearly and make their decision with more information.

It isn't a guarantee of success, as your injury still needs to be worth compensation. The video documentation may still be the boost you need to overcome bias.

Don't Throw Away Denials; Appeal Made Easier

After a denial, many claims filers are tempted to give up and throw away their past attempts. To some, it may seem like a denial is the result of bad paperwork and poor evidence. That isn't always the case.

Your information may simply be incomplete or filed using the wrong procedures. There is rarely any reason to start from scratch, and doing so will only drag the process on longer than necessary. 

Look up the specific reason for your denial, then apply it to your old information. You may be able to submit the same information with added evidence such as medical center visits, interviews or documents from events such as car accidents or military incidents. 

Most importantly, give your entire claim and denial to a social security lawyer. There's no need to make extra work for the lawyer by starting over; allow the professionals to keep and remove information as they please and watch your claim work through the system with greater efficiency.

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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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