Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

5 Ways Apps Can Help Children Through A Family Divorce

Deann Miles

For many children, it's hard to understand the concept of divorce. The routines and life they have known is forever changed as a divorce is finalized. Going through the procedures with a family lawyer can also be challenging. Modern technology can help a child cope with these changes. There are five ways that apps can help a child get through the divorce process and learn a new routine.

Scheduling Apps

As you work out a custody agreement with your lawyer, it's important to inform a child of the changes and proper visitation. A number of apps allow you to set up schedules for a child. By adding the visitation schedule, your child will always know which parent they are spending time with.

The schedule can even set alerts or be connected to your own account so changes can be added as needed.

Interactive Stories

Story apps are great ways for children to relate and understand the concept of divorce. By downloading interactive story apps, your child can read about divorce and see how it affects a child's life.

The interactive nature of the story can help a child select different character choices or feelings that are experienced. Interactive stories also have the ability to read sections aloud so children can sit and listen to narratives in audio form.

Video Messaging

Being without one parent can be a tough transition. Instead of basic phone calls, enhanced visuals can be made by using a video messaging app. These apps allow you to communicate directly with a child and continue the bond with you.

Along with live video messaging, you have the ability to download apps with various video messages. This includes videos with music and graphics.


Continue to bond with your child by sharing game apps on various devices. Even if you aren't with your child, you can communicate and play together through a variety of puzzle and gaming apps. Allow your children to pick a game or start a new tradition by selecting a new gaming app every couple of weeks. This is a great way to transition to the new lifestyle while still enjoying personal time with your child.

Digital Journals

Help a child cope through their emotions and feelings by downloading a digital journal app. By using a journal app, a child can freely write their feelings and emotions as a divorce proceeding occurs. If they are open to sharing, you can read through the journal to have a better understanding of what your child is going through.

A majority of these apps can be found for free, making it easy for your child to access them. When working with a lawyer, it's a good idea to request other digital resources to help a child through this time.

For more information about helping your child with the transition, contact a family lawyer like Susan M Caplin.


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