Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

3 Reasons You Don'T Want To Go Through A Divorce Without An Attorney

Deann Miles

A divorce can be a stressful situation and sometimes a family may start thinking about going through the process without legal help because they think that will keep conflict to a minimum. But there are a variety of reasons that this may not be a good idea regardless of which side you are on. Here are three reasons why you don't want to go through a divorce without legal representation.

It Will Probably Take Longer

Unless this is not your first divorce, chances are everything that is about to happen is new to both you and your spouse. There is paperwork to fill out and decisions will need to be made on a variety of subjects including the distribution of property and custody of children. Experienced divorce attorneys are used to negotiating with the other side's lawyer in an effort to get the case resolved as soon as possible. 

If you go it alone, there's a chance a conflict could end up happening anyway and then it will likely take longer to resolve without legal help.

Protect Your Custody Rights

If there are children involved in a divorce, things are going to get much more complicated in the courtroom. The judge will likely have multiple questions to be asked of both parties to ensure that the children are protected. Even if you believe your spouse isn't out to harm you, you'll still have to clear a very high bar with the judge if you want custody of your kids. It is best in this situation to have a family law attorney on your side as he or she can help you navigate this process without making any mistakes that might affect your custody rights.

You Might Regret It Later

Sometimes people who move quickly to get the divorce over with end up regretting decisions they made at the negotiating table later on. By hiring a lawyer early in the process, you will have someone on your side who can look at the situation logically and approach negotiation without getting emotional. This will ensure a fair process for both sides that you can both happily live with later on.

Going through a divorce without attorneys might sound like a good idea if you want to avoid conflict, but the truth is it could actually make the process much harder. Contact a qualified family law firm, like Souders Law Group, today to begin discussing a possible resolution for your divorce.


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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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