Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Cyber Bullying Can Become A Crime When It Crosses These Lines

Deann Miles

Cyber bullying is a big concern in today's society, and rightfully so. While the majority of the perpetrators of this type of bullying may be teenagers, there's no question that adults can also engage in this behavior. It's one thing to have a quarrel with someone online, and to even say some hurtful things. While you may later regret your words, they won't necessarily get you into trouble with the law. However, while cyber bullying isn't technically illegal, it can encompass a variety of things that cross the line into breaking the law. Here are some of these elements.

1. Making A Threat

A lot of what people say when they are bullying others online is deliberately hurtful. You might say that you hate a person, call him or her names, or otherwise use hurtful language against this individual. Things get a lot more serious — at least where the law is concerned — when you make a threat against the person. For example, there's nothing illegal about saying something such as, "You're stupid," but when you add, "And I'm going to punch you when I next see you," this becomes a threat that could lead to legal trouble.

2. Sharing Private Photos

One particularly ugly side of cyber bullying involves sharing photos of the victim online without his or her permission. A prime example of such behavior occurs when you have intimate photos of someone with whom you're no longer involved, and decide to share them as a way of bullying the person. Different jurisdictions treat such behavior differently, but this is very serious. This is especially true if you perhaps have photos of someone who was underage at the time that they were taken. For example, if you're 18 but have and share intimate photos of your former significant other that were taken when he or she was 17, the law may view this behavior as posting child pornography.

3. Conspiring With Someone Else

Conspiring to do something that is against the law is a crime, even if you stop short of actually carrying out your act. Cyber bullying can often involve conspiracies. For example, you might talk to another person online and make plans to somehow victimize the person you're bullying, whether it's to key his or her car, assault him or her, or something else of this nature. If you've been charged with any crime that is linked with cyber bullying, contact a criminal defense lawyer.    


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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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