Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Construction Attorney: When Remodeling Projects Go Wrong

Deann Miles

If your remodeling project has turned into a nightmare, a construction lawyer can fight for your legal rights and make bad builders pay for their mistakes.

Here are some of the common ways that construction lawyers help clients recover from terrible remodeling projects.

Looking for Breaches

The contract you signed with your remodeling contractor stipulates timelines, contingencies, and other important details. Your construction lawyer can review the document to look for all of the ways that your builder failed to live up to the contract they signed with you.

  • Over Budget: many remodeling project disputes arise when the final project goes over budget. If your builder attempted to invoice you for expenses that you did not approve, they've put themselves in questionable legal territory. Your construction attorney can review the budget contingencies and mechanisms included in the contract you signed. If your builder did not get the proper approval for an expense, you are not legally responsible to pay for the labor or materials.
  • Behind Schedule: another common issue that plagues remodeling projects is getting behind schedule. If your remodeling contractor signed a contract stipulating when the project would be done, they can be held responsible for not getting the job done on time. To seek specific damages, it can help your construction lawyer to quantify the financial consequences of your builder's failure to complete the project on time. For instance, if you were forced to rent a separate property or stay in a hotel while waiting for the remodeling project to be complete, your construction lawyer can seek you damages for these amounts.
  • Poor Quality: if your remodeling project was not of the quality you were promised, your remodeling contractor has a legal obligation to provide the products and services described in your remodeling contract. Because "quality" can feel nebulous, providing reasonable facsimiles of the work on another remodeling project can be helpful. To provide these types of comps, many of the best construction lawyers work with independent construction professionals to provide evidence and testimony.

Closing the Deal

Many homeowners only seek the help of a construction lawyer until they reach the breaking point with their remodeling contractor. If you want to resolve a dispute and move to terminate a contract, your construction lawyer can work as mediator between you and your remodeling contractor. If you and your building contractor have reach the point where you can no longer communicate effectively, your construction lawyer can be a solution-oriented, voice of reason.

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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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