Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

How To Compel Your Partner To Pay Spousal Support

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Judges issue various orders when ruling on divorce cases. For instance, they decide the monthly payments each party should make towards child and spousal support. Both parties must adhere to the agreed-upon orders until the court makes amendments. Failure to do that is punishable, and the court will force a defiant party to obey the orders. Therefore, here are a few measures to take if your partner has refused to pay spousal support.

Ask Your Attorney to File a Motion in Court

This is the first essential step when your partner defies the court order. Once the case goes to trial, your family law attorney will argue your case with the judge. They will provide proof that you have been facing financial challenges since your partner stopped paying spousal payments. In this case, the judge could order your ex-spouse to make the outstanding payments immediately and also pay a fine for the late payment. And if they still disobey these orders, the judge might hand them jail time. Threats of spending time in jail could compel them to make the payments.

Request the Judge to Withhold Their Income

Some people have genuine reasons for not paying spousal support. For instance, they might have lost their job or stopped working due to illness. However, if your ex-spouse doesn't have a genuine reason for not paying alimony, you can take legal action against them. In this case, you can request the court to withhold their income to cover the outstanding payments. Your lawyer will give compelling arguments to the court, showing that you desperately need the money. Among other penalties, the court might request your partner's employer to deduct a portion of their salary to cover alimony. This order will ensure that you get regular payments as long as your ex-spouse is employed.

Request the Judge to Seize Their Property

If your partner is unemployed or has huge outstanding payments, you may request the judge to seize their property to cover the debt. However, there is a possibility that your ex-spouse might hide some essential documents to prevent the acquisition of their assets. Therefore, you may want to work with an attorney dealing with family issues when presenting your case in court. They will investigate your partner and create a list of all their belongings. Then, depending on the outstanding balance, they will let the judge know the bank accounts, stock, and property to seize.

Contact a family lawyer when your partner refuses to pay alimony. They will file a case in court to compel your ex-spouse to make the payments so that you don't face financial challenges.


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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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