Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

How To Respond To Your Divorce Petition

Deann Miles

Even if you have been talking about divorce with your spouse for some time, actually being served divorce papers can be quite a shock. A divorce is treated like a lawsuit in a way, with the person filing the petition being referred to as the petitioner, and is much like a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Meanwhile, the person receiving the paperwork is the respondent and treated like a defendant. Here are the things you should do after receiving a divorce petition, including hiring a divorce lawyer.

File An Answer

You will have a time limit that states when you must respond to the divorce petition and file an answer response. This gives you an opportunity to make some official statements about the divorce that will be necessary when going through the divorce process.

Decide If You'll Object To The Associate Judge

Every family court primary and associate judge, and it is likely that your case will be assigned to the associate judge if it were to go to trial. Know that you have the right to decide if you do not want your case to be heard by that associate judge. Your divorce lawyer may be more familiar with the judges in your area and have a specific recommendation that would benefit your case, which is why it is worth consulting with them first.

However, be aware that it can delay the divorce process to have your case heard by a primary judge. Associate judges often take on the workload of the primary judge, and sticking with an associate judge can help the divorce be settled faster. 

Decide To File Motions And Initial Pleas

You also have the option in your answer to file motions and initial pleas. This is often done when you feel like your divorce case is being held in the incorrect court and motion to have it moved to a local court. This motion can be requested for many reasons, which include not feeling like you will have a fair trial due to the court that the divorce will be heard in. 

Decide To Include A General or Verified Denial

Do you not agree with what your spouse wrote in the petition? Then you can include a general denial in your answer, which means that you disagree with everything that was stated about the reason for your divorce. You can also use a verified denial, which is when you give the statement under oath. A verified denial is often used in specific situations, such as if the marriage is not valid and you have the documentation to prove it. 


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Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

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