Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

  • You Can Be Nailed For A DUI In A Lot Of Situations

    The police go to great lengths, rightly, to prevent intoxicated drivers from thinking it's okay to hit the road when they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You may be surprised to learn, however, just how many scenarios in which a DUI charge can be filed against a motorist. Just Sitting in the Car  It might seem logical after you've been drinking to want to sit or sleep in your car to let the effects wear off.

  • Cyber Bullying Can Become A Crime When It Crosses These Lines

    Cyber bullying is a big concern in today's society, and rightfully so. While the majority of the perpetrators of this type of bullying may be teenagers, there's no question that adults can also engage in this behavior. It's one thing to have a quarrel with someone online, and to even say some hurtful things. While you may later regret your words, they won't necessarily get you into trouble with the law.

  • 3 Reasons You Don'T Want To Go Through A Divorce Without An Attorney

    A divorce can be a stressful situation and sometimes a family may start thinking about going through the process without legal help because they think that will keep conflict to a minimum. But there are a variety of reasons that this may not be a good idea regardless of which side you are on. Here are three reasons why you don't want to go through a divorce without legal representation.

  • Long-Term Problems And Workers' Compensation Coverage

    Many people just naturally connect the term work-related injury to sudden events like a fall or a back injury. There is more to consider, however, when it comes to work-related injuries. Just as the human body responds differently to various ailments, there is a wide range of medical conditions that fall under the heading of workplace injury. Occupational illnesses, exposure to toxic substances, and repetitive strain injuries are just a few workplace ailments that deserve just as much attention and insurance coverage as a sudden type of injury.

  • Help People Avoid Injuries At Your Business This Winter

    During the winter, the risk for injuries goes up. People get into more car accidents, and snow and ice cause more slips and falls. Your business can sometimes be responsible for injuries people sustain at your property. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure you aren't held liable for injuries.  1. Hire a snow removal company to take care of the parking lot.  Snow in the parking lot is one reason why people can slip and fall.

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    Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

    If you are unable to work because of an illness or injury, you may qualify for social security disability payments. This money comes from a fund you have probably contributed to during your time in the work force, and it is likely that you have the right to disability payments using this money. As an attorney specializing in social security disability, I have a great deal of experience in helping clients determine if they qualify for disability payments. I hope that this blog will help people who have been injured understand what it means to qualify for social security disability benefits and how to go about getting that help.